The 2011 Crossfit Games

The 2011 Crossfit Games

I apologize for the lack of activity in the past few weeks. My own training, as of late, has been that of  intense proportions, as has been life in general. However, I’m here today to add in not only a post… but a VIDEO as well! Sweet!

The Crossfit Games is a competition amongst athletes from all over the globe – literally a worldwide competition of fitness. Things kick off with a six week Open Qualifier that runs from mid-March thru late April. Six totally random, wildly varied workouts are announced throughout this time frame, one per week. Each of the 25,000+ athletes from around the world has a week to complete the workout or WOD (workout of the day) and submit their score online. The score must be either validated by an official Crossfit affiliate or submitted via video submission so judges at HQ can review the workout and approve it for validity (range of motion, proper weight, etc.).

It’s a very very exciting experience for Crossfitters, because it’s the Big Kahuna of why we train as hard as we do. For some, the grueling workouts and strict dieting habits are just a way to become fitter and look better naked. For others, it’s like the Olympics of fitness. The competition where the best athletes come out and play. Oh, and did I mention Reebok is the official sponsor this year, and is kindly throwing up a $1 million purse for the top performing athletes… nice!

After the Open Qualifiers, the top 60 men and 60 women from each of their respective 17 regions across the globe advance to the semi-finals, which are called the Crossfit Regionals. The Regionals is a live 3-day event with more death-inducing workouts and who knows what else.

First year competing… a learning experience at worst!

I’ve been an active athlete at Brick Crossfit in West Hollywood, as I’ve written before in my previous post. We have some amazing athletes and coaches and athlete/coaches at this gym… no that’s not right… this training grounds for badass gladiators… okay, that’s lame. Somewhere between the two is where Brick lies. Certainly not your average gym. Anyway, we have a large handful of great athletes who are currently participating in the Crossfit Open, myself included.

Am I the fastest athlete at my gym? No, but I’m pretty quick. Am I the strongest at my gym? Definitely not, but I have strength. Cool – so my point is, it’s an open event and anyone who considers themself an athlete and has a mere $10 to cover the registration fee can participate. Advancing from the Open to Regionals means you’ve gotta be one of the top 60 best in your region, but hey, why not? At worst, your weaknesses will be exposed, you will be humbled, you’ll do some virge-of-insanity workouts, and get to feel the vibe in your gym. Or on your own. Either way, it’s a pretty cool deal and I’m exciting to participate. You still can too! Just register as an athlete at the Crossfit Games website.

I will be posting up pictures, videos, updates, and possibly cry like a small child from time to time throughout the next couple months as I bring you along for the ride… let’s make it a good one!