The Synergistic Effect in Fitness

The Synergistic Effect in Fitness

Achieving a high level of fitness can be a daunting task. Whether your goal is to improve your performance in a sport, get sick less often, or improve your physique, no matter what the goal, frustration is a common occurrence. Many people feel they’ve been doing well and practicing good habits to achieve their goals, but are not producing the results they desire. I have thought about the experiences I’ve seen and gone through myself that create positive results, and the experiences that weren’t so effective.

What I can conclude with great confidence is that there are many elements that must all be achieved at once to amplify your fitness results. Especially in the nature of becoming more conditioned and reducing body fat while getting leaner and stronger. Let’s call it the Synergistic Effect.

Let’s not kid ourselves. The main reason many of us work out as heard as we do is because we want a better looking body. Yeah, sure, we all love the health benefits that come along too, and for some that IS the main goal. And really, it’s not a case of vanity…it’s normal. We want to improve the way we look naked. There, I said it. But people over complicate the process it takes to get there – such does not need to be so. Let’s run through the main principles I feel will take you to your goal the fastest, as long as you do them all at once.


The Synergistic Effect: When followed properly, creates an extremely effective impact on body composition and conditioning

What is the Synergistic Effect and how is it created?

Basically, your body can achieve a far greater level of synergy and produce much quicker and better results when you do everything right and force your body to sync with itself.

Example A: Fitness Gal works out hard five times a week but her post workout nutrition consists of McDonalds and later on, 2AM Taco Bell runs before she hits the sack… she doesn’t understand why her love handles won’t go away.

Example B: Fitness Gal eats a very strict diet of protein, vegetables, nuts and fruit. But she has an office job all day, skips the gym after work, and goes home to watch TV until bedtime. Similarly, her love handles haven’t improved much either.

Example C: Fitness Gal goes to the gym 6 days a week, sometimes twice a day. But her workout consists mainly of gossip, looking good, and maybe a little treadmill action if she’s up for it and there’s a good show playing on the treadmill TVs. And again… the waist line does not reduce.

Obviously these are very broad examples, and a person’s day consists much more than what’s mentioned above. But you get the idea, right? Many people do some of what’s necessary to take it to the next level, but not enough.

Keep it simple

Here’s a big one. It doesn’t take a thousand different rules to create a killer physique. Don’t be someone who drives themselves nuts counting calories and carries a pedometer as an accessory. These things are not necessary when you achieve physical synergy. Keep your workouts consistent and intense. Your diet should fuel your body and support your activity level. Giving your body good nutrition is paramount in keeping your workouts intense (See how it comes together?).

Have a little patience

Even when you start doing everything right, that doesn’t mean you’ll wake up the next day with a six pack. As most good things take time to achieve, so does a major improvement in your physique. But with time and consistency in doing the right things, you will make leaps and bounds in improving your body composition.

Maintain good habits

We all deserve a cheat day now and then, of course. But when you’re eating donut holes as part of your daily routine, that’s not a cheat, that’s a lifestyle habit – not to mention sabotage on your body and goals. I love the 80/20 rule. If you can be near perfect nutritionally 80% of the time, the other 20% of non-so-optimal nutrition won’t kill you. If you wanted to follow more of a 90/10 rule, your improvements would simply come that much sooner.

Be conscious of the little things

People tend to overlook their diets. A candy bar here and a milkshake there are not killers, but if you lose sight of things and are making it a daily thing, they will put a damper on your goals. Be conscious about what you are feeding and not feeding your body. Conscious, not anal.

Workout intensity

This is a big one. Lolligagging in the gym will not make you stronger or faster; nor will it give you the results you’re looking for. Your body needs to be challenged to improve. Sure, you’ll burn a few extra calories by just “going to the gym” but for the warriors who want real results, push yourself. Break a good solid sweat – be sore. Good things don’t come easily. The cool thing here is that once you get used to the challenge and start feeling the benefits, that initial feeling of resistance is quickly replaced with enthusiasm to keep working out at that same level.

The whole package

Once you put everything together at once, that’s when you real start to feel the cyclic effect of it all. By working out hard, your body will need good fuel. By fueling your body well you will be able to maintain those intensive workouts. It’s really that simple. Incorporate other good habits into your lifestyle and you will achieve synergy and expedite your results. Just remember, don’t over complicate the matter. Oh, and next time you’re thinking about turning into the McDonald’s drive-thru, just remember how hellacious that next workout will be running on that kind of fuel.